New Horizons in Education - Jo Gusman & Associates
ESL/Bilingual Terminology
ESL English as a Second Language
SLL Second Language Learner
ELD English Language Development
ELL English Language Learner
EL English Learner
ESOL English for Speakers of Other Languages
LEP Limited English Proficient
NEP Non-English Proficient
NES Non-English Speaking
TESOL Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
TESL Teaching English as a Second Language
HLS Home Language Survey
L1, L2 First Language, Second Language
LM Language Minority
NOM National Origin Minority Student
AMAO Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives
SIOP Sheltered English Observational Protocol
SDAIE Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English
SEI Sheltered English Immersion
SI Sheltered Instruction
CALLA Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach
BE Bilingual Education
MEP Migrant Education Program
ABE Adult Bilingual Education
BICS Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills
CALP Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
IDEA Individual Developmental English Activities
OCR Office of Civil Rights