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About Jo and Scott and the Beginning of NHIE
Scott Anthony, CEO of NHIE
Jo Gusman, Educational Consultant and President of NHIE

Jo Gusman grew up in a Spanish speaking farm-working family who experienced the challenges that non-English speakers face in the United States. Based on her childhood experiences as a “limited English speaker”, she truly understands the complexities and multiple variables that surround the English language learner. Jo began her teaching career in 1974 as a bilingual instructional assistant, and later attended California State University, Sacramento where she received her Bilingual Cross-Cultural teaching credential and Masters. Jo was a Bilingual Education teacher for many years, and in 1981 her career led her to the nationally known Newcomer School, where Jo worked in a multilingual setting with refugee and immigrant K-8 students. It is there where she developed her many brain-based ESL strategies. Because of her extensive experience and exceptional work with English language learners, she has been featured on national television, and is the recipient of numerous awards, including President Ronald Reagan’s recognition for teaching excellence. Presently, Jo provides educators, students, parents, and policy makers with professional development language and literacy seminars throughout the world.

 Jo’s husband, Scott Anthony , grew up in Lexington, Nebraska, in a farm family who valued education. His mom was a one-room schoolhouse teacher and his dad, a farmer, served as President of the school board of their rural school district. Scott, a graduate of the University of Nebraska, College of Engineering, went on to specialize in construction management, with a specialty in church building. Scott provided construction management services to over 200 church projects throughout the United States and abroad.

After many years of working independently, Scott and Jo came together to create their educational consulting firm, New Horizons In Education. It is their vision and intention to provide their clients with practical, research-based ideas, inspiration, and a vision that all children and adults are highly creative and intelligent, and can be successful in all aspects of their lives, regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic level.

We look forward to partnering with you to provide a quality education for all children and adults.  

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