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Laura Cole

Laura Cole is a former sixth grade teacher who met Jo Gusman as a student in the teacher credential program at California State University, Sacramento, where Jo teaches her language and literacy course. Laura began working for Jo part-time after graduating from the credential program, and continued to work at New Horizons In Education as she entered the teaching profession. Eventually, Laura shifted gears and began working for Jo and Scott as her primary employment, helping the business in many ways.

Laura comes from a family of entrepreneurs; her grandfather owned his own ranch in the Sacramento valley, her father ran an independent retail business for mechanics, and her uncle started his own marinade company. This background has helped Laura to appreciate the struggles and pleasures of navigating the unpredictable territory of a small business. Bringing strong ethics, hard work, dedication, and attention to details to New Horizons In Education, Laura’s strongest asset is her desire to help others.

As a beginning teacher, Laura was excited by the challenges and opportunities in the classroom, but recognized the need for education to broaden its approach in educating children. Diverse classrooms is a vague term that umbrellas the reality of multiple languages, mixed ability levels, and varied cultural backgrounds, as well as factors of family dynamics and other learning needs. Laura experienced firsthand the complexities of the classroom, and the daily demands of educational regulations and standards.

“Working with Jo and Scott has brought me an awareness of the importance of relationships in all situations. Scott’s talented business sense and Jo’s dynamic energy and vast knowledge in the areas of second language learners, multiple intelligences and brain research are the company’s gears; however, the company’s core is the compassion that goes into every project. New Horizons In Education is not just about helping educators, parents, and students; it is about how to treat others, how to create optimal learning environments in which everyone’s uniqueness is respected and celebrated. The work I do is not just about a job, it’s about the people. People who bring sincerity, enthusiasm, concern, and their heart everywhere they go, pouring themselves into everything they do, and welcoming everyone they meet. I am quite fortunate to work in such an engaging environment, and it is a joy to continue to find such inspiration in others with whom I interact in my daily work. In return, I hope to offer as much to Jo, Scott and all of our clients as I receive from all of them in kindness, humor, and energy.” Laura Cole