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Brenda Ward
ESL Consultant

Brenda has been an educator for 17 years. After teaching 10 years in a large school system with a diverse population in Baltimore, Maryland, Brenda was up to the challenge in her position as the ESL Program Director in Frankfort, Indiana. This was a new position created to accommodate the recently growing immigrant population in the Midwest. Brenda was equipped for the changes that would inevitably occur, however the community was not prepared for the rapid immigrant growth in their small town. Ms. Ward has been an active advocate for her English Language Learners as the population in her district has grown from 7% to 32% in a very short time. One school in her district is comprised of 80% English Language Learners!

As Brenda’s focus always remains on the students, she gives teachers numerous practical strategies to make lesson planning easier, content comprehensible, and learning exciting! Her hands-on, interactive presentations provide teachers with the much-needed tools to meet their English Language Learners where they are academically, and scaffold them appropriately. While Brenda is in classrooms daily, she also serves on the State ESL Task force, teaches a university class, and hosts an ESL roundtable discussion/presentation quarterly at a state sponsored educational center. She is a vibrant, compelling presenter who consistently receives high ratings from her workshop attendees! Find the workshop that best fits your school today! If you don’t find a workshop that meets your specific needs, Brenda will tailor her workshops to meet your school where they are!

Mixin’ It Up with Modifications!

Through a hands-on, user-friendly approach, Brenda introduces strategies and modifications teachers will find useful when modifying for English Language Learners in all content areas. Teachers will learn basic ESL theory, and apply that knowledge to their content, process, product and assessment to meet the needs of their English Language Learners daily.

  • Brenda's "TOP TEN" modifications to use when planning lessons
  • Strategies for modifying lesson content, process, product, and assessment
  • Interactive lesson plan template
  • Applications for all content areas, K-12
  • Introduction to Sheltered lessons
  • Differentiating for the English Language Proficiency Levels within the regular classroom

Audience: Administrators, Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Grade Level teams
Length: 1/2 day, full day, or two day

Back to Basics!

This workshop addresses the development of a program from the very beginning. What do we need to keep in mind when planning for our English Language Learners? What do we do first? How can we be in compliance with Title III Programs, Migrant Programs, and Office of Civil Rights with our new program? If you need help with new programming and program implementation, this is the workshop for YOU!

  • Basic English acquisition theory
  • Basic program design and implementation
  • Needs assessment and review for your particular school system
  • English Language Proficiency Level review
  • Organizer template (facilitates modifying for ELP level)
  • Parent involvement ideas and programs
  • Assessing English Language Proficiency

Audience: Administrators, Teachers, Central Office Staff
Length: 1/2 day, full day, or two day

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