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Dr. Diane Hodges

National Expert on Community Building and Student Managed Portfolios, Author

Diane's Background
After 30 years as an educator, Diane is sharing her passion for speaking with groups throughout the world. She has held positions as a human resources director, university instructor, Director of instructional services, Director of Career and Technology Education, secondary school principal, and as an elementary and middle school counselor. She earned her doctorate from Michigan State University and her specialist & master’s degrees from West Michigan University. Dr. Diane Hodges has also received numerous awards, including Educator of the Year from the Association for Career & Technical Education, Region 1, Ralph Wenrich Leadership Award from the Michigan Council of Vocational Administrators, Educator of the Year from Phi Delta Kappa and Michigan State University, and Administrator of the Year from the Michigan Occupational Education Association.

Dr. Diane Hodges has a passion for education and is an upbeat and polished speaker. An expert on staff dynamics and training, and an authority on portfolios, Diane is known for her humor and knowledge of what works. In 1998, Dr. Diane Hodges followed her dreams and her passion to found the Threshold Group, a consulting company that teaches self-promotion strategies for achieving career and life goals and enjoying the journey. Which of Dr. Diane Hodges’ seminars best fits your staff, educators, or students?

Looking Forward to Monday Morning: Beyond the paycheck: fast, fun, low-cost ways to recruit and keep the best staff at your school (Designed for School Administrators)
Recognizing that employees rate recognition and appreciation as two of the most important reasons they stay in their jobs, Dr. Diane Hodges shows surprisingly simple ways to recognize the best efforts of your staff. Participants will learn:
  • The difference between recognition vs. compensation
  • When recognition for a job well done is a stronger motivator than money
  • Why enjoyment, fun, and laughter are not just extras, but critical to staff retention
  • Easy ways to implement hundreds of fun ideas-on little or no budget
  • How to get your staff to want to take charge of the process, for even better results
  • The four basic elements of a successful recognition campaign
  • Three simple approaches-something for everyone!
Looking Forward to Monday Morning: Fast, easy, low-cost ways to create a team of happier, more productive staff (Designed for Staff Members)
Directing her attention toward the entire school staff, from those in the classroom to the cafeteria to the computer lab and to the school bus-Dr. Diane Hodges knows just what it takes to kick enthusiasm and motivation into high gear throughout your school! Participants will learn:
  • Easy ways to make a joyful event out of the most ordinary day-to-day activities
  • Dozens of highly organized and creative ideas to re-energize staff meeting, holidays, lunch time, and more
  • To promote a positive attitude within themselves and an enthusiastic outlook on their careers
  • How having fun on the job is a simple way to improve individual performance
  • How to be publicly acknowledged for their accomplishments and contributions
  • To help each other stay motivated and excited about their role in education
The Student Managed Portfolio: Giving students the power to take charge of college and career . . . when it matters most! (Designed for High School Teachers/Students/Parents)
Dr. Diane Hodges understands that in order for students to be visible to their first choice of university, to qualify for advanced college placement, or be awarded scholarships, students must take their good grades and their accomplishments and sell themselves to stand out from the competition. Diane’s Student Managed Portfolio System is easy to use, and effective! Participants will learn:
  • How students can document the skills and achievements that matter most
  • How students can give admissions directors and employers exactly what they’re looking for
  • The top three achievements colleges and employers value most in any applicant
  • Why a successful portfolio benefits the teachers and school as well as the students
  • Additional “sales” tools to get the interviews students want and create “leave behinds” that make them top contenders
The Visual Resume: The power to get the job, promotion, and perks you want in your career. (Designed for Job Seekers and Current Employees)
Be ready to show decision makers who you are and what you can do. Learn how to “sell” yourself in a job interview, prepare for a performance review, or be first in line for a promotion. Your Professional Portfolio: A Visual Resume is extremely easy to use and 100% effective in showcasing your real value and most important achievements. Participants will learn:
  • Why a portfolio is a must for putting the odds in your favor in today’s job market
  • How to document the skills and achievements that matter most
  • The top three skills employers are looking for in new hires and those they promote
  • How to create a portfolio that makes you and your employer look good
  • How to be publicly acknowledged for your accomplishments and contributions

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