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Kaye Price-Hawkins
Author, Literacy Specialist, Language Arts Consultant

Kaye Price-Hawkins has been in education almost 35 years—first as a classroom teacher, then as a K-12 Language Arts Facilitator, then as a regional Language Arts Consultant. Author of two books and owner of Priceless Literacy, Kaye now serves schools as a staff developer and as a model teacher, working directly with students while teachers observe. Additionally, she tutors students on a regular basis.

Kaye’s interactive workshops involve research-based, “hands-on” strategies that teachers can take back to the classroom immediately. Literacy centers or folder games as well as language arts manipulatives provide students and teachers with “hooks” that motivate and energize learning. Kaye includes these in her handouts. Many of these instructional pieces have been translated into Spanish for dual-language or bilingual classrooms.

One curriculum director said this about Kaye after attending one of her workshops: “Your energy and enthusiasm make your workshops so much fun for the participants. The teachers are most appreciative that your sessions are practical and beneficial. They know that when they go back into their classrooms they’ll have some strategies to take with them.”

Welcome to RACE DAY! Successful Reading Test Preparation!

Grade levels 3-8

This presentation takes Reading assessment for any test – whether it is State-Mandated or Classroom Final – to the Race Track and revs the engine of instruction by utilizing pit crews (peer groups) for assistance. Strategies for comprehension, summary and main idea as well as vocabulary development, prediction and inferences will be shared.

Centering Your Learning! (“Make and Take” Learning Centers)

Grade levels K-6

Participants will discuss the research behind reinforced learning, will work through several centers, and finally will be able to construct their own centers. Participants will leave the session with several centers ready to go. Some center materials will be available for purchase. Participants will need to bring some materials with them.

CSI (Composition Style Investigator) Is On the Scene!

Grade levels 3-12

Come to this session and learn about what you will find at the CRIME SCENE (rough draft). As a member of the FORENSICS TEAM we will examine the EVIDENCE (DNA) and use helpful tools. Participants will leave this session with many ideas to use tomorrow in the classroom as revising writing becomes a requested, instead of dreaded, activity.

Let’s Get a “Headstart” on Writing and Reading

Grade levels – Preschool and Head Start

This session is designed for childcare workers, Head Start personnel, and interested parents. Not only will the participants learn various strategies, they will make several “ready to go” tools to help them in the classroom or at home. The session will include a list of books categorized for early literacy success (ages 0-5).

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