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Tonnie Martinez, Ph.D.
ESL Consultant, Author

Tonnie's Background
Tonnie Martinez has been serving in education for 20 years. She was a secondary Language Arts teacher who saw her own school district go from four percent culturally and linguistically diverse students to 50% in a a very short time. Currently an educational consultant, Tonnie coordinates one of the largest federal Title VII grants in the country. Considered a motivator and a mentor, her flip book, “Help, My Students Don’t Speak English!” is in its second printing and offers teachers translations of simple phrases they can use in the classroom to immediately make ELL students feel at home.

Tonnie’s workshops are high-energy and motivational. One of her goals it to make educators feel good about teaching again! She constantly spends time in classrooms at all levels to stay in touch with teachers’ needs. She brings lesson plan samples, visuals, simulations, and a wealth of experiences to give workshop participants a toolbox to take back to their classrooms. Very important for today’s teacher; Tonnie is a dynamic speaker who constantly reinforces how her strategies fit in with NCLB compliance.

HELP! They Don't Speak English! (1-3 Day Institute)

Tonnie Martinez is a teacher like you! She has heard the knock on the door and knows that standing outside her classroom is a student who speaks no English. Tonnie brings her expertise, humor, and vast experience in order to present this valuable workshop to educators, paraprofessionals, and administrators. Participants will receive:

  • Overview of the variables that affect the language acquisition process such as culture, language, and poverty
  • Strategies for engaging English Language Learners in your classroom without lowering your academic standards
  • Simple ways to modify and differentiate curriculum and instruction for English Language Learners
  • Introduction to two highly effective academic language development instructional models – CALLA and Sheltered English
  • Assessment of English Language Learners – alternative, portfolio, and authentic assessment models
ESL 101 (1-3 Day Institute)

This workshop is perfect for the teacher who has not had the opportunity to take an ESL course. Key components include:

  • Legal responsibilities of the classroom teacher as it pertains to the education of English Language Learners
  • ESL program and content area standards
  • ESL program models available to the classroom teacher
  • Research-based strategies for addressing the needs of your English Language Learners
  • Practical ideas for modifying and differentiating curriculum and instruction
  • Introduction to two highly effective academic models – CALLA and Sheltered English
“No Child Left Behind”: Increasing Average Yearly Progress (AYP) In Your Classroom (1-3 Day Institute)

Tonnie will share what the new Federal guidelines mean to you, the classroom teacher. This workshop will include:

  • An overview of what “No Child Left Behind” means to the classroom teacher
  • Research-based processes, strategies, and skill development techniques to infuse throughout your content area instruction
  • Templates to create Individual Learning Plans for your English Language Learners
  • Introduction to two highly effective language development instructional models – CALLA and Sheltered English
Office of Civil Rights Compliance: Could your school survive an audit?

It only takes one anonymous complaint to bring OCR in for an audit of your district. Tonnie has experience with these audits and can advise Superintendents, Principals, Teachers, and Classified Staff through the in’s and out’s of compliance. This workshop will advise your staff on the systems that need to be in place to ensure that English language learners' civil rights are being acknowledged and provided for. Tonnie brings examples and anecdotes of what other schools have had to remedy in order to bring their district into compliance. Her expertise may save you from an audit!

  • History and philosophy of The U.S. Department of Education, The Office of Civil Rights.
  • Checklist for district compliance
  • What happens if you are audited?
  • Learning from other districts’ mistakes
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of Superintendents, Principals, Teachers, and Counselors?
  • District, Building, and Classroom evaluation
  • Technical assistance if you are audited by OCR
Audience: Board of Education, Administrators, Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Office personnel, Counselors
Length: ½ day, or full day. Also available: Mock OCR audit, District evaluation for audit-readiness.
Working with Adult ESL Learners
Adults seeking to learn English are entering community learning centers, and schools that offer adult courses. Many correctional facilities are also providing language classes for adults. One of the most common mistakes with adult learners is treating them like a big kid! Tonnie offers insight into this special group of learners. This workshop offers expertise in the areas of culture shock, making input comprehensible, sample curriculums, and ideas for working with adult learners.
  • Understanding the Adult Learner
  • Culture Shock and the Adult Learner
  • How Culture and Poverty Frame the Adult Learner
  • Making Input Comprehensible for the Adult Learner
  • Differentiated Instruction in the Adult Learning Center
  • Relevant Curriculum, Lesson Planning, and the Adult Learner
Audience: Administrators of Community Learning Centers, Instructors of adult students. Community College, Vocational/Technical College Instructors, Prisons, Correctional Facilities
Length: ½ day or full day.
Paraprofessional Academy
NCLB requirements have had the positive effect of a more deliberate focus on disaggregated student groups. Often times this scenario includes more individualized work between Paraprofessionals and students. Training in specific strategies is more important than ever for Paraprofessionals. Topics covered in this workshop are:
  • Para-Teacher relationships: You are part of a team!
  • Understanding the culturally/linguistically diverse student
  • Strengthening the performance of Para-educators working in inclusive classrooms
  • Managing students
  • Adaptations and modifications of student assignments
  • Survival and Sanity… some tips from the field
Audience: Paraprofessionals
Length: ½ day, full day, two-day, or retreat.
Sheltered English: Teaching Techniques You Can Use Tomorrow!
Teachers need immediate strategies for adapting curriculum and content for English Language Learners who are in the regular classroom. Tonnie is bringing you a map to assist you in navigating your students through your content in order to raise academic achievement. This workshop takes an in-depth look at Sheltered English strategies and provides an immediate tool box to use in your classroom tomorrow!

What is sheltered English?
  • SIOP and SDAIE, research-based and effective in improving academic achievement
  • Adaptations for predominantly English or predominantly ELL classrooms
  • Authentic assessment and test accommodation
  • Considering curriculum standards, alignment, and the English Language Learner
  • Ideas for adapting content, invigorating lesson plans, and motivating kids for high stakes tests!
Audience: Administrators, Teachers, Paraprofessionals, grade level teams
Length: ½ day, full day, or two-day.

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