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New Horizons In Education (NHIE), founded by Jo Gusman in 1984, is an educational consulting firm specializing in innovative, effective methodologies for teaching ESL students—those for whom English is a second language. Since its inception in 1984 when Jo Gusman began NHIE, our primary goal has always been to provide educators, administrators, instructional assistants, parents, and students with cutting-edge information and tools which will empower each individual to improve the quality of their school environment, instruction, relationships and community. We provide educational seminars, keynote addresses, program design, program evaluation, trainer-of-trainer workshops, peer-coaching, retreats, and curriculum and instruction consultation for textbook publishers. The tools offered by NHIE include professional literature, translated materials, software, and classroom-ready materials that cover the areas of English language learners, multiple intelligences, cooperative learning, and brain-based learning.

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