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Common Core State Standards and the English Language Learner:
Equal Access Guidelines, Frameworks, Processes and Strategies

A Customized and Highly Interactive 1, 3 or 5 Day Process-Focused Seminar For Administrators and Instructional Learners

"The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers strongly believe that all students should be held to the same high expectations outlines in the Common Core State Standards. This includes students who are English language learners (ELLs). However, these students may require additional time, appropriate instructional support, and aligned assessments as they acquire both English language proficiency and content area knowledge."
Common Core Standards Initiative, Application of Common Core State Standards for English Language Learners

What do the Common Core State ELA Standards mean for English language learners? How can we help our immigrant, refugee, and American born ELL students acquire essential listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills? What research-based frameworks, processes and strategies should you use to help ELLs comprehend complex content area materials and lessons? How can we help our students pass their standardized tests? What are the classroom implications of the most recent brain, language acquisition, and biliteracy research? If you are seeking practical ways to answer these questions, this seminar was designed for you.

In this interactive workshop series, Jo Gusman will empower administrators and teacher leaders with the Foundation-Frameworks-Tools© they need to confidently make a smooth transition from current curriculum and instruction frameworks to understanding, integrating, and implementing the new Common Core State English Language Arts Standards and ELL program mandates. Participants will leave this workshop series knowing how to create highly effective and compliance-based language and literacy programs for ELL, immigrant, refugee, and all culturally and linguistically diverse student populations.

Participants will:

  • Read, process, and comprehend the Common Core State English Language Arts Standards.
  • Learn how to do a Curriculum and Instruction Task Analysis of grade level specific standards.
  • Use Jo Gusman’s Foundation-Frameworks-Tools Curriculum and Instruction Task Analysis Model© to analyze and understand the important relationship between ELL program requirements, equal access mandates, curriculum frameworks, research-based instructional processes, and language proficiency assessment data.
  • Identify the concepts, skills, processes, strategies and instructional materials needed to meet the Common Core State English Language Arts Standards.
  • Learn to identify and use the most effective culturally responsive lesson planning frameworks developed specifically for English language learners.
  • Acquire highly effective Mind-Brain-Education Science processes, strategies and skill development techniques to use when teaching English language learners.
  • Learn Jo Gusman’s school-wide test preparation and test-taking strategies that can be taught to students and their parents/caregivers to increase “transfer of skill sets” from learning to application.
  • Receive Jo Gusman’s Workshop Resource Handbook© – The extensive resource handbook you will receive will not only provide you with the materials you will need throughout the workshop process, but will also provide you with a wealth of instructional frameworks, processes and techniques you can implement immediately.

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