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Designed for Educators Serving K-12: Classroom Teachers and Administrators

This highly focused and intensive seminar will help the classroom teacher and administrator become acquainted with, and ultimately comprehend the English Language Arts standards for their particular grade levels. Educators will gain confidence which will help them improve achievement, by clearly defining what is to be taught, the level of performance that is expected, and the necessary strategies and skills each student must learn to achieve mastery in each standard. In addition, unique to this seminar, Jo Gusman will help participants understand, process, and implement the new English Language Development Standards written specifically for second language learners.

Participants of this workshop will:

  • Read, process, and comprehend their particular grade level standards.
  • Learn how to do a task-analysis of each of their individual grade level standards.
  • Use Jo Gusman’s user-friendly model to analyze and understand the important relationship between assessment and instruction.
  • Identify the necessary concepts, skills, processes, and strategies each student must be taught in order to be able to meet each individual English Language Arts standard
  • Learn to write lesson plans, which will help their students master each standard.
  • Acquire processes, strategies, and skill development techniques to use when teaching English Language Learners during directed instruction time.
  • Learn test-taking strategies that can be taught to students to increase test scores.

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