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Designed for All School Staff Serving K-12: Classroom Teachers, ESL and Resource Teachers, Reading Specialists, Instructional Aides, Student Teachers, Teacher Trainers, Administrators, School Nurse, Clerical Staff, Parents

A welcoming and inclusive school environment has a direct effect on academic achievement and social behavior. Social and academic success and language acquisition are achieved at higher levels in schools that effectively communicate a warm and nurturing environment to the students and their families. How do the people in the front office react when a new family enters to register, and their primary language is not English? How do you communicate a warm welcome to English language learners and their families when you do not speak their primary language? Creating a brain-compatible optimal learning environment begins the day a family registers at your school, and includes everyone from the clerical staff to the teachers. Jo will share a variety of practical ideas for creating an inclusive and productive school environment for English Language Learners and their families. This idea packed seminar will show you how adults and children can create a school atmosphere that appreciates the diversity of cultures and the opportunity for everyone to succeed.

You will learn how to:

  • Design an inclusive school environment that honors all cultures and languages
  • Develop procedures and activities that will help you “know and understand your clientele”
  • Use Jo Gusman’s “Looking With New Eyes” School Environment Assessment Process

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