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Designed for Educators Serving K-12: Classroom Teachers, Administrators, Teacher Trainers, and Student Teachers

Educators strive to develop in their students the necessary motivational attitudes and skills necessary for the students to become successful readers, writers, and communicators. Jo Gusman understands the challenges in meeting the unique needs of all students in teaching literacy, while supporting second language learners and English only students at the same time. Combining Dr. Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory, brain-based education principles, second language acquisition, and language arts research as her foundation, Jo will help the workshop participants to explore the multiple paths to powerful learning in this dynamic approach to teaching literacy.

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the affective domain and its influence on language and literacy development
  • Learn about the 8 intelligences and the activities and processes which can create the “8 paths to joyful learning”
  • Design supportive and inclusive language arts environments
  • Design language arts activities and lessons which nurture children’s multiple intelligences
  • Understand, develop, and practice language arts processes, structures, and skill development techniques

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