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Jo Gusman's Workshops


Designed for Educators Serving K-8: Classroom Teachers, ESL and Resource Teachers, Reading Specialists, Instructional Aides, Student Teachers, Teacher Trainers, and Administrators

Jo Gusman, nationally renowned expert on second language learners, presents a compelling argument for the use of the Multiple Intelligences Theory in our nation’s classrooms. With the significant increase in second language learners, schools are struggling to find ways to effectively address their special needs. To meet the ever increasing diversity of students facing our teachers today, Jo provides an in-depth understanding of how this diversity can be channeled through a multiple intelligences approach which builds on students’ strengths and abilities.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a Multiple Intelligences language acquisition environment.
  • Use the Multiple Intelligences theory to provide a strong framework for your curriculum development and directed instruction.
  • Develop language acquisition processes, structures, and skill development techniques.
  • Implement a Multiple Intelligences authentic assessment plan.

An extensive resource handbook is required for each participant.

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