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Recommended for site principals and district office administrators

Administrators and teachers today are being asked to read and understand a plethora of education mandates that affect English Language Learners, such as the No Child Left Behind Act, the Reading First Initiative, Title I and II, and their state content area standards. They are expected to comprehend the complexity of these mandates, and develop curricular and instructional frameworks and delivery systems that will lead to improved academic student performance for their English Learners. Simultaneously, rapidly changing numbers of ELL in American schools and statistics that now show that "fewer than 13 percent of teachers in the United States have received any professional development designed to help them effectively teach this growing population of students (National Center for Education Statistics, 2002) has created a very complex situation.

These complex demographics, regulations, implementation guidelines, and corresponding curriculum and instruction programs have placed an incredible amount of responsibility on educators K-12. Teachers and administrators alike confide in me when they come to my seminars, or when I am working with them at their schools, that they feel overwhelmed. During this time of opportunity and challenge in American education, I believe we must all take a deep breath and take to heart Robert Browning's guiding words, "Less is more."

Using the "less is more" philosophy, this seminar will provide administrators and teachers with the "top 5 things to do to create an effective and comprehensive educational program for their English Language Learners." Participants will learn how to address the cognitive, affective, and social needs of their English Language Learners. In addition, participants will receive an extensive resource handbook that includes practical strategies to share with their teachers and paraprofessionals, recommended websites, and an extensive bibliography of current research-based materials.

Participants will learn how to:

  1. What is the Affective Filter and How Can I Create a Brain-Compatible Learning Environment for my English Language Learners and Their Families?
  2. Help! They Do Not Understand Me When I am Teaching - How Do You Make Your Input Comprehensible?
  3. We Need a Comprehensive Program For These Students - Implement Jo's FOUNDATION-FRAMEWORK-TOOLS Program Model
  4. One Size Does Not Fit All - Understanding Differentiated Instruction
  5. 8 Different Ways to Meet ELL Needs in the Classroom - Implement the Multiple Intelligences Theory Into Your Curriculum and Instruction Model

An extensive resource handbook is required for each participant.

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