“As a co-author of this innovative program, and as a Bilingual Education/Cross Cultural Specialist teacher, I express my admiration and gratitude to Great Source Publisher for designing an effective, research-based program that mindfully supports Middle School and Newcomer students as they acquire English and learn content area concepts.” -Jo Gusman
ACCESS: Building Literacy Through Learning is a series of standards-based content area programs to help middle level English Language Learners build their language skills while studying core content from English, American history, science, and mathematics. Blending best practices in ESL instruction with content area instruction, each ACCESS program:
  • supports and scaffolds different levels of language fluency as it teaches core content;
  • focuses on the key concepts and big ideas in a specific content area;
  • blends oral language and hands-on activities for group and partner practice;
  • develops students’ academic vocabulary in each subject area;
  • builds students’ English grammar skills and communicative proficiency;
  • assesses adequate yearly progress and prepares students for high stakes assessments; through standards-based content instruction.
ACCESS for Newcomers develops language skills for beginning English Language Learners and introduces them to key concepts in history, English, math, and science. The Newcomers kit offers differentiated instruction for Beginning-Beginning/Intermediate levels of English Learners as designated by CELDT.

ACCESS for Newcomers:

  • builds students’ language with 2,160 vocabulary words, including high-frequency words
  • introduces subject-area terms to prepare students for academic classes
  • develops key academic concepts to accelerate learning
  • provides three levels of leaning:
    • The Starting Out level focuses on basic survival skills (Things at School, Doctor’s Office, Places in Your Community)
    • Getting Ready lessons introduce the content-area building blocks (Fractions and Percents, American Regions, Parts of Speech)
    • The School Readiness level builds on more content-area basics (Order of Operations, Pilgrims, Life Cycle)
  • includes a Readiness Unit for students with no English skills and little or no academic background
  • adapts to tutoring, small group, or large group class situations
  • offers an array of resources, including word tiles, oral language activities, and take-home activity pages