Jo Gusman’s Workshops

Accelerating Your English Learners’ Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Development and Reading Fluency

Presenter: Jo Gusman
Participants: District-level and school site administrators, general education teachers, English Language Development (ELD), literacy specialists

What does the most current neuroscience research say about teaching reading comprehension, vocabulary development and reading fluency to students whose first language is not English? Using Mind-Brain-Health-Education (MBHE) science principles, neurobiology of bilingualism and biliteracy research, and four decades of teaching experience with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) students as her foundation, Jo Gusman will provide teachers and administrators with neuroscience-based effective reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and reading fluency frameworks, processes and strategies, specifically developed for English learners at all levels of English language proficiency.

Seminar Resource Handbook: Each person participating in this professional development opportunity will receive the required Seminar Resource Handbook that accompanies this workshop. This Seminar Resource Handbook includes workshop materials and classroom-ready frameworks, processes, strategies and techniques that participants can use immediately with their students.

Participants will:

  • understand the powerful relationship between Mind-Brain-Health-Education (MBHE) science research and effective English Language Development (ELD) and biliteracy instruction.
  • learn how to use Jo Gusman’s 4 Cs – CULTURE, CONTEXT, CONTENT, CONTACT – MODEL© for planning reading lessons and meaningfully engaging English Learners in complex content, concepts and texts.
  • learn how to help English learners access complex text by using culturally responsive instructional frameworks and materials.
  • acquire highly effective Mind-Brain-Health-Education science processes, strategies and skill development techniques to use when teaching English learners academic English vocabulary.
  • learn how to differentiate reading processes, such as Guided and Close Reading by using English language proficiency (ELP) data to meet the diverse language and biliteracy needs of English learners.
  • learn how to infuse Jo Gusman’s Mind-Brain-Education Science Processes, Strategies and Techniques© into whole, small and one-to-one instructional structures.